The Post Pandemic Glocal Democracy;
Impact, Challenges, and Opportunities


2021 The May 18 Academy

The May 18 Academy (hereinafter referred to as the Academy) is an educational program for human rights activists all over the world. It started under the name of Gwangju Asia Human Rights School in 2004, and has provided lectures on democracy, human rights, and peace. By 2019, more than 300 human rights activists from 50 countries participated. Through the Academy, they strengthened their expertise and built transnational solidarity.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Academy will be held online this year. The Academy will create a space to reinterpret the meaning of the May 18 Democratic Uprising, think the Uprising in a different way and will discuss historical reckoning and transitional justice. The Academy consists of six lectures and we insert more pictures and videos instead of general lecture format with lecturer to assist you in understanding and to attract interest.
Lecture 1 The May 18 Democratic Uprising Through Film and Music
Lecture 2 Democratization Movement in South Korea
Lecture 3 Tour of the May 18 Democratic Uprising Historic Sites
Lecture 4 Korea’s Transitional Justice Focusing on the May 18 Democratic Uprising
Lecture 5 The May 18 and After – Commemoration Project in May, Education, Solidarity, etc.
Lecture 6 The Power of Records and Memory