The Post Pandemic Glocal Democracy;
Impact, Challenges, and Opportunities

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Name KASEAS Korean Associations of Southeast Asian Studies
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Profile KASEAS is an association of Southeast Asian specialists in Korea. KASEAS has been playing the leading role in developing Southeast Asian studies and promoting academic exchanges since its inception in 1991. KASEAS consists of approximately 500 members from various academic disciplines including anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, political sciences, sociology, economics, and business administration. KASEAS publishes the peer-reviewed journal, the Southeast Asian Review, and organizes conferences and Southeast Asian-related events. KASEAS has supported scholars and students to undertake field research and academic exchanges. To promote cooperation between ASEAN and Korean scholars, KASEAS has initiated bi-annual conferences with AUN since 2005 with the financial support of the ASEAN-Korea cooperation fund. KASEAS has also built an extensive international network of exchanges with institutions and associations across East Asia region.