The Post Pandemic Glocal Democracy;
Impact, Challenges, and Opportunities

May 19

Session Title 3.1. Towards Inclusive Democracy – Indoor and Outdoor Voices – both are needed to settle and heal the maelstrom of racial strife
Key Organizer Maria Goetschalckx
Date / Time  19 May 2021 / 9:00 to 10:30 KST (GMT+9)
Modality / Language Virtual / English
Objectives To present the multiple levels of dialogue that are occurring as US society swirls about to reconstitute itself more democratically
Main Topics & Issues to be addressed 
  • Black Lives Mater
  • Discovering, owning and speaking one’s identity
  • Reparations as a remedy to wholeness – actionable and attenuated –
  • It is really a white people’s problem
  • Reconstructing inclusive history –
  • Deconstructing racist history –
  • Racial violence
  • Sister of Charity, MS, JD; member of General Council, UN NGO former representative for Brothers of Charity and Elizabeth Seton Federation
  • Moderator: Maria Goetschalckx
  • Presenters / Panelists  ---- will use TED talks and public media
  • Discussants TBD
  • Rapporteur Maria Goetschalckx