The Post Pandemic Glocal Democracy;
Impact, Challenges, and Opportunities

May 17

Session Theme 1.3. International Youths' Perspective on the May 18 Democratic Uprising in Gwangju and the Crisis in Myanmar
Organizer International Center for Youth
Person in Charge Name: KIM In-su / / 010-4824-1047
Date &Time May 17, 2021 / 10:30–12:00 KST (GMT+9)
Format / Language Online / Korean
Objective International Youth Solidarity for commemorating the May 18 Democratic Uprising and Supporting Democracy in Myanmar
Main Contents & Issues
  • Commonalities Between the May 18 Democratic Uprising in Gwangju and the crisis in Myanmar
  • Solidarity of international youth organizations such as the Overseas Korean Student Association and Korea International Student Association
  • The role of international youth for democratization in Myanmar
Background Recognizing similarities between the May18 Democratic Uprising in Gwangju and the crisis in Myanmar, supporting the supporting the democratization of Myanmar in regards to the revival of the spirit of May18 Gwangju uprising, and appealing for the necessity for solidarity of international youth and for support from the international community through the discussion.
  • Moderator: LEE Kyeongmin / International Youth Center / Republic of Korea
  • Speakers
    • Representative of Overseas Korean Student Association
    • Representative of Korea International Student Association
    • Representative of Myanmar Students Association in Korea
    • CEO of the International Center for Youth: Kim Esther, Head of the Seoul Branch / Republic of Korea
  • Discussion

LEE Kyeongmin
Role in the Session Moderator
Position and Organizational Affiliation International Youth Center
Nationality Korea
Kim Esther
Role in the Session Speaker
Position and Organizational Affiliation Head of the Seoul Branch,
CEO of the International Center for Youth
Nationality Korea